8bit Records

8bit Records

Mannheim Deutschland

Tech House label from Mannheim, Germany. In the beginning of its history, the label name was Amused 8bit.

In 2006, they changed to distributor Intergroove and numbered their following releases with the new prefix 8bit.

Since then the label name is 8bit Records. 

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Release Kat# Datum
8BIT189 03.02.2023
8BIT188 06.01.2023
8BIT187 09.12.2022
8BIT186 18.11.2022
8BIT185 04.11.2022
8BIT184 07.10.2022
8BIT183 16.09.2022
8BIT182 19.08.2022
8BIT181 05.08.2022
8BIT180 15.07.2022
8BIT179 17.06.2022
8BIT176 04.03.2022