Samuel Miller

Samuel Miller is a British singer, song­writer and acoustic guitarist. His musi­cal lyricism and dreamy melodies trans­port you back in time, drawing on the influ­ences of iconic greats, such as Jeff Buck­ley, Ray Charles and Nina Simone.  He’s a musi­cian with a sound that resonates with another era — an eclec­tic mix of jazz, soul, blues and indie. Inspired by old soul and music that meant some­thing, Samuel writes with feeling and his songs pour from the heart as stream of consciousness writing does on a page. Singing about pertinent topics such as stepping out of the box and the idea that we all have the ability to create our own reality, Samuel strives to inspire and encourages listeners to find their own creative freedom.

Stepping Out

Samuel is currently living in Cape Town, recording a new album with his band which includes his brother on lead guitar. Samuel's first album, Lost Out Here, was recorded and mastered by himself using only his laptop and apogee. Samuel played every instrument on the album and the songs were written in three different countries whilst traveling, UK, Thailand and Hong Kong. Samuel started out playing music at the age of 14 in pubs in the UK. After 7 years of doing just that he decided to broaden his source of inspiration and creativity by leaving the UK and traveling Thailand, Hong Kong and now South Africa. This experience led him to write his hit single, Stepping Out about freeing oneself from the restrictions created by society and stepping out of the box.  


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