Never Look Back EP

 Sian, Sacha Robotti, Samuel Miller, Third Culture (USA) - Never Look Back EP

21.04.2023 / DIYNAMIC167

Third Culture return to Diynamic with their „Never Look Back EP", a heartfelt four-tracker in the fast lane.

Opening track „Never Look Back" features the voice of UK artist Samuel Miller, whose vulnerable vocal hovers above the racing beat like an autumn leaf over a highway - restless and ethereal.

„Haze" feels like a high-stakes pursuit, beautifully dramatic and completely captivating.

Third Culture's „Paisley Skies" is a sonic exploration of a philosophical inner monologue during a trip, drivingly meditative and bananas at the same time.

And closing off their „Never Look Back EP" is „Let Go", which comes with punchy percussions and an 80s synth line that transport you into the drivers seat of a pixelated Atari rare car driving into an 8bit sunset.

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# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Never Look Back (feat. Samuel Miller) Sian, Sacha Robotti, Third Culture (USA) Techno
2 Haze Sian, Sacha Robotti, Third Culture (USA) Techno
3 Paisley Skies Sian, Sacha Robotti, Third Culture (USA) Dance
4 Let Go Sian, Sacha Robotti, Third Culture (USA) Techno