Schalldruck Music Records

Schalldruck Music Records

Erfurt Deutschland

It all started in 2005 as a community of DJs. Schalldruck Musicstands for the vibrating beats and propelling sounds ofelectronic music. To initiate people to Schalldruck Music wehosted a multitude of great parties. This attracted a lot of coolDJs and producers to Schalldruck Music. ThereforeSchalldruck Music stands for many different varieties ofelectronic music providing something for every taste. Now,almost 10 years later, Schalldruck Music is ready forthe next step. Aside from the DJ community the recordlabel "Schalldruck-Music Rec." has been founded, profiting ofthe experience of artist like Dan Chi, Kevin Lundershausen and Miss Vim.


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Release Kat# Datum
SMR065 30.01.2022
SMR064 01.12.2021
SMR063 29.05.2021
SMR062 30.04.2021
SMR061 13.03.2021
SMR060 26.02.2021