8 Ball

Martin Eyerer - 8 Ball

31.08.2018 / STILLHOT013

‚Haste makes waste‘ must have been Martin Eyerer’s motto. Or why did he let us wait for his frst solo EP on Still Hot for so long? Well, any hard feelings are totally out of place when you listen to the full EP however! Apart from this, Martin has always preferred being the creative and visionary mastermind and control center in the background to being the blaring bullhorn anyways. And we appreciate this.

You’ll also appreciate the title track „8 Ball“. A spotless late summer banger with a warm, embracing atmosphere and yet moving forward as consequently and smart as you know it from Martin. Despite years in the business Martin is still one of the most reliable producers who is never half but always all in. Let ‚8 Ball‘ deliver the proof for this.

We are thankful for our longtime companion Martin Landsky to contribute a beauty of a remix of ‚8 Ball‘. Whereas the original comes around with a deeper, hidden vibe, Martin chose a more playful interpretation which is the perfect addition to the original and absolutely contagious without a doubt.

With ‚Defning Down‘ Martin Eyerer fnishes off his EP big! The heavy synth lead melody bursting with confdence, carried by straightforward drums gives this pearl here quite an anthem charm. Well, we are totally hooked on Martin Eyerer’s new EP. Let’s share it with the world.


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