Angel Dust

Angel Dust
22.03.2021 / ONE003 ICONYC One

As we move into the spring & summer season, we're super excited to welcome HE TOLD ME to ICONYC One with his brand new 'Angel Dust EP' featuring two epic remixes from BOHO & Carbon.

We kick things off with the title track 'Angel Dust' which features an amalgamation of smooth bass tones, subtle drum programming, a cleverly chopped samples and intricately weaved chord progressions, building to an energy driven breakdown before rebuilding the elements to an unrelenting crescendo of thumping synth licks, chord stabs and an ever-warped bassline.

Angel Dust get the remix treatment from none other than 'Jannowitz Bademeister' and all-round top guy BOHO; who delivers a stripped back affair, utilizing a hypnotizing drum groove as the basis of the track underpinned by a staccato rhythm that pushes its way to the breakdown of breaks before unleashing into a rising melodic hook intertwined with the infectious groove that fades in and out for maximum effect. Fantastic stuff!

With 'Dark Harbor' HE TOLD ME delivers an outstanding track that starts to delve into deeper territory, which sees fused chord hits, underpinned by the HE TOLD ME's trademark bass patterns, before all manner of varied melodies weave in and out of the stereo field; proving the HTM's superb production chops and diverse musical tapestry.

Last but not least we welcome Carbon to close out the release in style, with his remix of 'Dark Harbor'. Carbon showcases clever programming to create a cunning groove, which really augments the flow of the track. Carbon shows his love for melodic and deep FX, which are oozing of coolness and are accentuated by the driving minimal feel. Something like a silky blanket of sonic spheres, which wrap you into an alluring soundscape but kick you in the marbles at the same time. Classy stuff!

HE TOLD ME is a lovely mind-bending collection of tracks that are wrapped in a techinoid blanket of driving sounds for the underground loving sound aficionado. We are extremely happy to once again be bringing you a high-quality ICONYC One release that was made from the heart and for the whole universe to enjoy. Keep on dancing!!

# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Angel Dust He Told Me House
2 Angel Dust (BOHO Remix) He Told Me Minimal Techno
3 Dark Harbor He Told Me Techno
4 Dark Harbor (Carbon Remix) He Told Me Minimal Techno

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