Through love for the beat, a big sound and plenty of perseverance, Carbon from Hamburg, Germany has built himself a solid spot in the spectrum of electronic music. This is evident in his journey, which did not lead him down the trodden path of a DJ career, but towards his role as a producer, in which he has released countless EPs and finally his album "Wild Signals".

Having been active as a producer for over 15 years to this day, the artist Carbon emerged in 2007. He has been in strong demand at the clubs and festivals of the world ever since, and was lucky enough to share the stage with greats like Sama' Abdulhadi, Oliver Huntemann, Richie Hawtin and Township Rebellion. Carbon has many releases to his name, including collaborations with Senso Sounds, Moonbootique, Soupherb Records, and of course under his own in-house label Alula Tunes, which at this point has established itself and consistently features in the Beatport Charts. Carbon released more high-quality work under the moniker "Art Factory - Laika & Strelka".

The style of Carbon can be described as Progressive Minimal, armed with a huge arena vibe and a hefty serving of captivating grooves. Deep, emotional melodies break out of a dark atmosphere, straight to the heart of the listener.

Synths wobble somewhere between familiar, emotionally charged, cool and funky. Tight drums and plenty manipulated samples load up the atmosphere with suspense. Through all of this, the music of Carbon consistently delivers one thing: constant forward drive that persistently pulls you to the dancefloor.

Somewhat on the complex side compared to similar tunes, one can feel that this music is made, not just for the mind, but for the heart. It's firmly rooted in its home and offers an excellent opportunity to let loose, dive in and forget about everything around you.


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ALULA158 28.10.2022
SENSO088 22.04.2022
SW020 18.03.2022
ALULA120 04.02.2022
ALULA115 23.12.2021
ALULA109 12.11.2021
ALULA105 15.10.2021
ALULA099 03.09.2021
ALULA081 30.04.2021
ALPAK024 12.03.2021
SUBIOS056 26.02.2021
ALULA064 28.12.2020
ALULA059 20.10.2020
ALULA002 12.07.2019
Remixer ALULA221 19.01.2024
Remixer MPR02 24.11.2023
Remixer SUBIOS122 13.10.2023
Remixer ALULA205 29.09.2023
Remixer SUBIOS108 14.04.2023
Remixer SH135 29.04.2022
Remixer ALULA104 08.10.2021
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Remixer ONE003 22.03.2021
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