Jannowitz Records

Jannowitz Records

Berlin Deutschland

The story began during a dimmed night very close to dark and purling Spree river in Berlin – directly under the legendary and well known Jannowitz brigde, which connects the southern Luisenstadt (Berlin-Friedrichshain) with Stralauer Viertel (Alexanderstraße) in the north. Right under the brick crafted bridge, Lars Kohl and Linus Elter had the very first spark of an idea, which they implemented to hundreds of technolovers within short time: rearrange your boarders and be authentic!

Since that day, individuality and personality are in the focus of the productions of all labelacts – counting international names such as Carlo Ruetz, Matt Sassari, Cosmic Boys, Vazik or a row of brasilian superstars like Alex Stein, Touchtalk and Eudi in.

It’s a continuous process and change, which is driving the Jannowitz family to new dimensions. The inner circle of the imprint raises regularly as a phoenix out of the masses, always in focus, not to lose all connections to mainstream landscapes.

Our motto

„We develop groovy techno with a special touch of melodic & minimal madness“ and yes, that’s why we are Jannowitz Records!

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