Heinrich & Heine

Heinrich & Heine isn't only a passionate music enthusiast, but one of the rising electronic acts in Germany.

A long time dj with a successful story for a musical lifestyle. Within a very short period of time he made himself a name in the local Techno scene of Hamburg, and later on also across Germany and even Europe. Probably his biggest milestone is the residency at BKI:Kiezinternat, one of Hamburg’s most renowned clubs directly in the heart of the world famous red-light district. Since 2010 he spread his message and the good vibes from this place to be.

After lots of releases on several national and international labels, he realised, that his music had even more potential, so he decided to found his own label called Amber Recordings, where he release amazing Techno and Tech-House tracks and only a short time after that, Amber Blue Recordings followed, focusing on melodic and deep House music.

Never being tired of the business, he always want to give something back to his fans, not just with his energetic and powerful DJ sets or with his driving and pumping productions, he also release quite some good podcasts or throw so-called “Private Pool Sessions” – he don’t just produce or play music – he is living and breathing dance music.

You wanna hear some name dropping? No problem:

He played celebrated sets alongside big names and scene heroes like like Simina Grigoriu, Perc, Gayle San, Stefano Noferini, Marika Rossa, Max Bett, Sascha Sonido, Spectre, Affkt, Paride Saraceni and many many more.
And he released on labels such as Der Turnbeutel (by Oliver Schories), Jannowitz Records, Redrum (by Dema), Ballroom (by Kaiser Souzai), Kuukou (by Simina Grigoriu), GuessWhat Recordings (by Hansol), Natura Viva, Mangue Records, Patro De Musica (sublabel of Damm Records), Audio Safari, Ton Liebt Klang, Mad Hatter and of course on his own labels Amber Recordings and Amber Blue Recordings.

You should have an eye on this guy. There are some more great things coming up…


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