The Unreleased Remixes

Christian Bonori, Sebastian Fleischer, Stonecities - The Unreleased Remixes

28.04.2023 / ABR097

When you are in the fortunate position of being offered so much good music and the release schedule is unfortunately limited, then you have to resort to special means. This is the case here. For the first time in the history of the Label Group there is a Various Artits EP with only unreleased remixes.

There are new versions or interpretations of Christian Bonori - Standing Chaos in the new Stereophonie Remix, Sebastian Fleischer's - Nights Out in the new Schön & Sturm Remix and last but not least of Stonecitie's - Maturity a fresh remix by labelhead Heinrich & Heine.

From tech house to melodic & progressive, there's something for everyone and makes this EP a real highlight.

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