Heinrich & Heine, Hype Catz - Soul

03.03.2023 / ABR093

A symbiosis that some people have certainly been waiting for. One is an integral part of the Amber Family, the other is the label head and together they are an unbeatable team. Hype Catz and Heinrich & Heine have joined forces and produced a massive single called "Soul".

But with a special feature. Because each of them has implemented the theme in their own individual style and so catalogue number 93 comes on Amber Blue Recordings, with 2 original tracks. But one thing is the same in both mixes, it´s melodic, almost trancy, there are strong vocals and that packed into two great arrangements, make both tracks for all fans of vocal melodic techno.

Nothing more to add and therefore welcome back on Amber Blue: Hype Catz x Heinrich & Heine 

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# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Soul (Hype Catz Original Mix) Heinrich & Heine, Hype Catz Techno
2 Soul (Heinrich & Heine Original Mix) Heinrich & Heine, Hype Catz Techno