Thrust - Remixes

Various Artists - Thrust - Remixes

01.09.2023 / 3000142

On their way through space and time, our favorite cosmonauts have teamed up with many new and old friends to bring you this very special Remix Ep. Mollono.Bass transforms Aldebaran into a compact dancefloor stomper that celebrates minimalist offbeat grooves with a proper portion of thrust. Aikon's remix of TheBreach draws lascivious lines in the sand and is guiding us into a lush summer night at the beach. Damon'sremix is a truly unique fusion of yearning synth-pop elements and a seemingly self-oscillating spiral of dramatic melodies with that iconic 80 ́s fills. With his Aldebaran remix, Sasha Carassi aims at nothing less than the main-floor and the resilience of thousands of shoe soles, the breakbeat part catapults his version to astronomical heights. Techno? Sure! MVMB are cranking up the tempo and prove with their remix that the definition of thrust should probably be reformulated again.

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# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Aldebaran (Mollono.Bass Remix) Green Lake Project, Mollono.Bass Techno
2 The Breach (feat. Andy's Echo) (AIKON Remix) Green Lake Project, Andy's Echo, AIKON Dance
3 Thorn (Damon Jee Remix) Green Lake Project, Damon Jee Dance
4 Stargazer (MVMB Remix) Rauschhaus, Green Lake Project, MVMB Techno