3000Grad Records


Wustrow Deutschland

3000 Grad stands for a organic style of modern electronic music. The label is one of the many projects of the 3000Grad artist collective from Mecklenburg, the scenic north of Germany.

What began as an underground party operation in 1997 has developed into 3000Grad Records, its sister label Acker Records, a booking agency, the annual 3000Grad Festival, as well as various indoor events.

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Release Kat# Datum
3000142 01.09.2023
3000140 18.08.2023
3000139 11.08.2023
3000GRADSPECIAL035 04.08.2023
3000137D 28.07.2023
3000136 21.07.2023
3000GRADSPECIAL034 21.07.2023
3000135 07.07.2023