D-Nox (born 06 December 1975) is a German DJ/producer and 1 time DJ Awards winner whose career in electronic music spans well over 25 years. Everything started for him with the electronic scene in his hometown of Düsseldorf in the early 90ties, branding his mark in the music community by also being a part of the duo D-Nox & Beckers who are responsible for various club hits since 2004 and are still currently releasing 16 years later on prestigious labels such as Bedrock, Suara and Sudbeat to name a few, as well as through D-Nox’s own record label Sprout Music.
D-Nox has brought his sound all around the world with his international bookings as a DJ, keeping him constantly on the move with his travels every weekend, through Europe, down to Australia, across the Americas, and around Asia and Africa. D-Nox has an exceptionally outstanding career in Brazil where he has his biggest fan community.

D-Nox was born in East Germany, but his family escaped to the West of Germany before the wall went down in 1989. As a young boy, he fed his interest in music by recording music on cassette tapes, as there was no way to buy records in East Germany. It was only in the time that he and his family moved to the West, that he got access to all the music which he had been recording on tapes and this is when his real passion for collecting music was born. In the early 90ties he started to go out and meet people from the nightlife scene of his new hometown Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf has always played an important role in the underground music scene. Many important bands such as Kraftwerk come from Düsseldorf.

With the first money that D-Nox made after he had left school, he was able to buy himself all of the important equipment needed to start the art of mixing vinyl records.

Around 1992 was the first time he got booked to play in a nightclub and by 1993 he became a professional DJ. These early years made D-Nox one of the most booked DJs in his region, with numerous gigs in his hometown and other cities near by. In 2001 he started to work as A&R for the record label Tatsu. This job taught him even more about the music scene and inspired him to start his own record label Sprout Music in 2003.
In 2004 he met Beckers and both started the form the famous duo D-Nox & Beckers which was responsible for many underground club hits such as „Jetlag Slave“, „Memory Cell“, „Seven Hours“ and many others. In 2007 the duo D-Nox & Beckers won the price for best selling progressive house artist in Beatport.com and in 2010 the duo won the DJ award for best progressive house artist.

D-Nox & Beckers have released 3 albums; in 2007 “Left Behind”, in 2009 “Big City Lights” and in 2011 “Distance”. Since 2004 the duo have released more than 50 EPs and made over 70 remixes. Until today, D-Nox & Beckers still receive a lot of recognition and respect, and continue to play shows all around the world together. But due D-Nox’s change of location in 2016 when he moved to South America, he is now focusing again on his solo gigs, with current shows booked in Germany, Belgium, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Russia, Poland, Costa Rica, Hungary, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and many more to follow.

Along with D-Nox’s change of location from Germany to South America, a few new collaboration partnerships in the studio were formed. One of them together with Victor Ruiz, one of the most demanded DJs of today. Together Victor and D-Nox produced ‘Arise’ which was released on Sudbeat Recordings in 2016, the label belonging to Hernan Cattaneo. This track became one of the most played tracks in sets of DJ’s all around the world. They followed up this release, with a second best seller in 2017 on Sudbeat from Victor Ruiz and D-Nox, called ‚Pure’. Another new collaboration made with Stereo Underground, a very well respect producer from Israel „Dolby“ has reached number 1 in Beatport, the world wide leading digital store for DJs and was holding the top position for over 3 month. The pandemic month have d-nox become way more creative in his studio than he ever was before and his discography has just grown bigger and bigger. Its is now over 20 years that D-Nox is traveling all around the world and keeps on moving the dance floors.
D-Nox came out quite strong of the pandemic years and all the time he had spent well during those month off brought more shows and new fans. The years 2022/23 sent to to over 20 countries and his single „Dolby“ with Stereo Underground managed to stay 3 month on top 1 of the Beatport sale charts.

In 2023 D-Nox is celebrating his 30 years as a professional dj and he keeps touring the world.
By now, D-Nox and/or D-Nox & Beckers have played many mayor festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Ozora, Fusion, Tribe, Boom, ADE, Love Parade, Tomorrowland, Lollapaloza, Loveland, Extrema to name a few and many important clubs around the world, such as Stereo, Womb, the Bow, Dedge, Pacha, The Block, Warung, Ame, and so on, stoking up gigs in over 70 countries, this duo belongs to the most important underground dance music products from Germany.


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